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TF-T01 Bluetooth Airpods

TF-T01 Bluetooth Airpods

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Immersive Dual Mode Experience

Discover the TF-T01 TWS Earphones, offering a seamless blend of gaming and music modes. With 13mm dual drive units and Bluetooth V5.3, these earphones ensure sound quality synchronization and ultra-low latency, perfect for both gamers and music enthusiasts.


HIFI Sound Quality

Immerse Yourself in Music: Experience the superior HIFI sound quality of the TF-T01 TWS Earphones. These earbuds provide an immersive musical journey, allowing you to savor every note and beat with clarity and precision.


Wireless Freedom and Convenience

Enjoy wireless freedom with Bluetooth 5.3 technology that supports most Bluetooth devices and boasts lower power consumption. With a maximum wireless range of <10m, you can move freely without being tethered to your device.


Long-Lasting Battery Life

The TF-T01 TWS Earphones feature a 33mAh battery capacity, providing approximately 5 hours of usage time per charge. The included 300mAh charging case ensures your earphones are always ready to go, with a quick 1.5-hour charging time.


What is the dual mode feature of these earphones?

The TF-T01 TWS Earphones offer a dual mode, allowing you to seamlessly switch between gaming and music modes. This versatility ensures you can enjoy both immersive gaming experiences and high-quality music playback.

Can I use these earphones independently, or do they require a master-slave configuration?

You can use these earphones both independently and as a pair. They are designed to support single and binaural use independently, providing you with the flexibility to choose how you want to use them.

Are these earphones compatible with various devices?

Yes, the TF-T01 TWS Earphones are compatible with most Bluetooth devices thanks to their Bluetooth Version 5.3 technology. You can seamlessly connect them to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

What is the battery life of these earphones?

Each earphone has a 33mAh battery capacity, providing approximately 5 hours of usage time on a single charge. The included 300mAh charging case allows for multiple charges on the go, ensuring you can enjoy your music and gaming sessions without interruptions.

Do these earphones support active noise-cancellation?

Yes, the TF-T01 TWS Earphones feature active noise-cancellation technology, allowing you to enjoy your audio without disruptions from external noise.

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