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UrbanVibeā„¢ Retro Game Stick Console

UrbanVibeā„¢ Retro Game Stick Console

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šŸŽ® Play a huge selection of your favorite games from back in the days. This console will inject nostalgic memories instantly and provide you with endless hours of fun!

āœ… More than 10,000 Games in an easy to navigate menu ā€“ No repeat!
āœ… AV OUT/HDMI connect for Big Screen Play
āœ… 2 Wireless controllers
āœ… Classic titles you spent hours playing when younger
āœ… Easy to transport to your friendsā€™ place ā€“ great for parties!


šŸ˜ The NEW Video Game Stick comes pre-loaded with Classic Games that you used to skip homework for!

Teach your kids the classic games from your childhood or relive the memories with your friends. With two controllers, you can enjoy hours of gaming battles with friends and family!



Equipped with 2 handles. It connection between controller and retro video game console, no line limit, more fun. Upgrade compatibility retro video game console will be fully compatible with more TV sets.

šŸ’– Easy to transport to your friendsā€™ place ā€“ great for parties! Supports one or two players to play the game at the same time, making you more enjoyable with your kids or friends


You asked and we delivered šŸ‘

Things we upgraded:
1. Now You Can Save Your Game Progress
2. Smooth Gameplay - No Lag!
3. Wireless Remotes that have Further Reach

šŸŽ Remember to buy some for your friends. It's the unique gift idea!Ā 

šŸŽ„ Limited Quantity, it will sell out fast.


Q. Are the games on the Video Game Stick pre-loaded, or can I add my own games?
A. The Video Game Stick comes with pre-loaded classic games, and you cannot add additional games.
Q. Can I connect the Video Game Stick to my TV?
A. Yes, the Video Game Stick supports both AV OUT and HDMI connections for easy big-screen gameplay.
Q. Does the Video Game Stick come with wireless controllers?
A. Yes, it includes 2 wireless controllers for a more convenient gaming experience.
Q. Can I save my progress in the games?
A. Yes, the upgraded version of the Video Game Stick allows you to save your game progress.
Q. How far is the reach of the wireless remotes?
A. The wireless remotes have an extended reach for smooth and comfortable gameplay.

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